• Part 1 of My Series: “What You May Have Missed in School.”

    If you just read the words “Dew Point” and assumed it’s the time of day you can finally crack open a Mountain Dew, you are wrong. You should never reach that point of day. I’m talking about that confusing number you always ignore when you’re looking at the day’s humidity, the thing that looks like temperature, but isn’t.

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    terry richardson on my dash


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  4. #BILLBORT // Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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    In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated parts of the central Philippines. It was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The death toll is estimated up to 10,000 with hundreds of thousands more displaced. The country has declared a “state of calamity.”

    To all our friends and family in the Philippines, our hearts and thoughts are with you — and we want to make sure you’re aware of the online resources to find loved ones or request rescue.

    To everyone else, please help those desperate for clean water and food by donating to the UN World Food Programme:

    • USA: Text AID to 27722 to donate $10
    • UK: Text AID to 70303 to donate £3
    • Canada: Text RELIEF to 45678 to donate $5
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    A message from Willis Earl Beal


  11. Getting the gayest shower curtains was definitely the highlight of my fucking day.



  13. Tokyo poster by Eboy

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    Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement is a documentary about the couple whose marriage ended DOMA, but this documentary was made before the historic supreme court case.

    Edith and Thea were together for decades and decided to get married after Thea was given one year to live. When Thea passed away she left everything to Edith but the federal government didn’t recognize their marriage and taxed her heavily for the ‘inheritance.’ Edith Windsor took the United States government to court and won.

    The trailer is on Vimeo, the full documentary is on Netflix. I’m going to watch it right now!

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